Your Success is Our Business

Germane Consulting integrates organizational development and leadership coaching in our work with executives, high potential up and comers, and leadership teams.

With our guidance leaders resolve those sticky issues that keep them awake at night. We teach you to get to the  heart of the matter and address problems quickly, clearing the way for you, your people and the business to grow.  Along the way you discover your most inspired and capable self.  You also see what each person who works with and for you is  uniquely suited and motivated to deliver. You help them grow and use this potential to its fullest.

We also work with senior management to achieve competitive advantage through programs designed to ensure the promotion, success and retention of highly talented women leaders.

Is Leadership Coaching Right for You & Your Most Talented People?

Germane Consulting works with the gems of the organization who seek continuous growth. Our clients are:

    Leadership is the catalyst for the evolution of the enterprise and its people. A leader envisions a new future and draws out untapped potential to make it happen.
  • Successful, progressive achievers with significant organizational responsibility
  • Willing to review actions openly & honestly, explore their effect on others & impact on the company
  • Open to new perspectives that lead to more effective actions and better results
  • Want to develop their emotional intelligence

Is Your Team & the Organization Running on all Cylinders?

As outside experts we see the organization’s blind spots.  We bring new perspectives & possibilities. We work collaboratively with you & your team to identify & resolve problems. It’s time to call us when:

  • The organization is not achieving desired outcomes but you are not sure why or what to do about it
  • Important issues that interfere with team performance are being swept under the rug
  • People need to adapt to change more readily

Are You Leading Effectively on the Global Stage?

Are You Winning Your Biggest Markets & Attracting the Best Talent?

Women leaders bring different and much needed competencies to the global stage. They lead collaboratively. They attend to and build relationships. They garner support for change. They think intuitively. They read and account for the emotional landscape. They are inclusive. And they can make tough decisions. They have what it takes to lead globally and will teach others to succeed as well.

Companies like G.E., Deloitte & Touche, and American Express that pay close attention to financial results know that women are the fastest growing sector of their customer and talent base. That’s why these companies have robust programs to ensure they are developing and utilizing talented women as a competitive advantage.  They are aware that women:

  • Make 85% of consumer purchases
  • Will own 60% of the country’s financial wealth by 2010
  • Earn over 65% of graduate degrees

And that:

  • Women owned businesses are growing at twice the rate of all privately held firms
  • Fortune 500 companies with most women on top leadership teams earn:
    • 35% higher return on equity
    • 34% higher return to shareholders

Women are critical for success in all industries and markets.  To delight your customers and capture up and coming talent company leaders must understand the feminine perspective.  A critical mass of women on top leadership teams is your best resource for success, and chances are these women are already in your company.

Germane Consulting provides companies with a competitive advantage through customized women’s leadership initiatives and coaching for high potential women. We also identify and help you remove obstacles to the success and promotion of women into top leadership roles.

Germane Consulting collaborates with you to understand and address your situation. We provide you with a process, insight, advice and creative ideas, always acting as your trusted confidant

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