Absurdly Serious & Seriously Absurd

The Wrong Side of Being Right – Strategy Mistake?

Many years ago, I consulted to the leadership team of an organization that was making a BIG shift in their business strategy. Company leaders decided to bring an end to their role as the market leader in a particular technology sector. Instead, they were going to start over with a new technology offer in a vastly different market. Why? They saw the future. But there’s something odd about this story. It finishes with an ending that takes the author by surprise.

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Operational Efficiency vs Customer Delight – The Medical Bill

You promised customer delight. You failed. Here’s why and what you need to do differently.

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Discover the National-Debt-Cereal

Many innovative ideas come to life when we are in the shower, at once somewhat protected while also our most naked and vulnerable selves. Coincidence? Possibly. This is where I came up with an idea for lowering the national debt and engaging all citizens in doing so.

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