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How NOT to lead culture change

3 Principles for Leading Culture Change & One Success Story

In 1999 Kent Thiry became CEO of DaVita, a provider of kidney dialysis treatments. The company was on the verge of bankruptcy. It had revenues of $1.4 billion, losses of $56 million, and a share price of about $2. By June 7, 2013, after the culture change, share prices grew to $125.50. This magnificent turnaround […]

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How Long is “Shortly?”

Hold It Right There I am writing this blog post while on hold. So far I have heard the recorded message 25 times. “Thank you for calling customer service. A representative will be with you shortly.” Maybe they said disservice. I wasn’t listening that carefully. When will shortly arrive? I interrupt this story to bring […]

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Altera Case Study

Changing the Culture to Achieve a Competitive Advantage Many companies claim they are changing their culture but few actually succeed. Altera Corporation is among the few who have implemented a strategic culture change resulting in increased business success. The process that is used to transform the culture, Collaborative Transformational Leadership® is what differentiates a company […]

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