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The Wrong Side of Being Right – Strategy Mistake?

Many years ago, I consulted to the leadership team of an organization that was making a BIG shift in their business strategy. Company leaders decided to bring an end to their role as the market leader in a particular technology sector. Instead, they were going to start over with a new technology offer in a vastly different market. Why? They saw the future. But there’s something odd about this story. It finishes with an ending that takes the author by surprise.

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Leading Culture Change: Four Delegation No Nos

You have a vision that involves leading culture change. You selected a change sponsor and have identified clear goals for you team. If you think your role ends there, get ready to watch things fizzle. You can delegate some roles and actions, but you absolutely must maintain visibility as the Chief Culture Change Officer and sustain four ongoing commitments to action.

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3 Principles for Leading Culture Change & One Success Story

In 1999 Kent Thiry became CEO of DaVita, a provider of kidney dialysis treatments. The company was on the verge of bankruptcy. It had revenues of $1.4 billion, losses of $56 million, and a share price of about $2. By June 7, 2013, after the culture change, share prices grew to $125.50. This magnificent turnaround resulted from changing the culture, and to succeed at that Thury applied 3 principles for leading culture change.

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Culture Change – Use the Culture to Change the Culture

Leading culture change is critical to the success of today’s business executives, and story telling for culture change is a must-have skill. Read more about the role of story telling in leading change.

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Dear CEO – What’s Your 400 Year Business Plan?

Oak barrels from the 400 year business plan

Dear CEO: What’s your 400 year business plan? You don’t have one? Things would be very different if you did.

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A Shame of Leadership – Barclays

Bob Diamond, former CEO Barclays, swats away the questions, as he testifies before a sub-committee of the British Parliament. You can read the subtitles here.

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Dear Leader: Do We Have a Deal?

As we begin our journet

Dear Leader:

As we begin our journey together, I thought it a good idea to let you know what I would most appreciate from you. I hope you do not think it is too bold of me to speak so directly and honestly to you from the start.

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Leadership that is the Change We Seek to Create

We are searching NOWLeaders who focus on a purpose that extends beyond the bottom line, with tendrils and tentacles that reach out to the local, national and global communities they serve, who lead collaboratively, who…. Will you help us find them?

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Aligning Corporate Silos: Find the Itch – Share the Scratcher

“Wherever you draw organizational boundaries, you will have conflict.” This pearl of wisdom seemed to be an underlying factor in the current case of Too-Much-Success-Syndrome

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Why Women by Eric Peterson

Organizations that claim that there is no sexism in their culture, usually offer up one or two out of hundreds who have risen to senior leadership. If these women can do it, they reason, there’s absolutely no reason why others can’t. I have met these women. Without fail they are textbook examples of masculine leadership styles: focus on task, logical decision-making, unafraid to ruffle feathers in order to make their case.

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