Corporate Soul

Dear Leader: Do We Have a Deal?

As we begin our journet

Dear Leader:

As we begin our journey together, I thought it a good idea to let you know what I would most appreciate from you. I hope you do not think it is too bold of me to speak so directly and honestly to you from the start.

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Leadership that is the Change We Seek to Create

We are searching NOWLeaders who focus on a purpose that extends beyond the bottom line, with tendrils and tentacles that reach out to the local, national and global communities they serve, who lead collaboratively, who…. Will you help us find them?

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Together from the silence we create.

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Corporate Fear

Our organizations are built on foundations of fear that retard progress. Where and how do we learn to recognize and overcome our fears? In this post, I turn to Shamanism for answers.

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Book Review: Willful Blindness by Margaret Heffernan

If an author’s ability to make the reader think, marks a good book, then Margaret Heffernan has written one.

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Nine Lives of the Curious Business Cat

“How do I get the people who work for me to be more curious?” asks Karen, the CEO of a health insurance company.

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What Would Sargent Shriver Ask of Us?

“Who among us will lead the way in taking less so that together we can be more?”

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Mentor – What She Sees, What She Does, How She Is

The mentor cares that the acorn grows into the tree it is meant to be. She is nurturing or tough and everything in between as needed. As she chooses what is called for, it is always with the best interest of the mentee in mind.

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What NOT to Learn from Zappos

To Copy the Cat or Not to Copy the Cat? Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos is a business rock star as well he should be. He is changing the meaning and experience of work. Kudos. Along with others I have been shouting his praises over the past several months. But we are all missing the [...]

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Leadership Leap Frog

Leadership Leap Frog is a game for leaders of the informal or formal variety. It requires multiple players but is more fun and progressive when an entire organization gets involved. The formal leader, the one with the title, goes first by jumping beyond where he was standing and the way he was thinking and behaving. [...]

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