Word Matters and Words Matter: Diverse Abilities

Diverse abilities are yesterday’s disabilities. Context is the difference maker that turns a “disability” into a talent. Autistic adults, for example, make great…

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How to Get Men Advocating for More Women Leaders

In the final 48 hours before the big mentoring event for women, we made a decision that changed everything. This is how we discovered, almost by accident, the secret formula to getting more men advocating for more women leaders.

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Full Stop: You’re Searching the Wrong End of the Talent Pool

High potential talent comes in all colors, sizes, ages, and in both genders. Some companies intentionally search diverse areas of the talent pool, but few, if any, explore the place where some of the greatest talent swims, because they don’t know where it is. Discover this secret place, here.

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Dear CEO: Why You Shouldn’t Have Women on the Board – Not Even One

Once upon a time, there was a mid-size company run by men. It was called The Company. The entire executive team and all board directors at The Company was comprised of men. That seemed just fine, until… One day, for reasons still unknown, but about which I speculate later, the CEO invited a woman onto the board.

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Pregnant CEO: Back to the Future

Pregnant CEO

Marissa Mayer is the first pregnant CEO of a major company, that we know of. With this news, we have the opportunity to re-think the boundary between work and life, Drawing the line with dashes, to achieve greater permeability, will serve us better in a variety of ways. It will even light the spark of innovation more readily.

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A Short Race-y Story


Once upon a time I worked in a forward thinking company. Diversity was a hot and much discussed topic well before it was lukewarm anywhere else. The leaders in this company knew the world was changing and that power would not continue to be held only by men of the white race. They confronted their [...]

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Having It All or Not Having All: That is NOT the Question

Having it All

I was not having it all, when Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, caused an uproar. When I stopped having the travel part of IT ALL, I had time to write that the real question is how to change the gender based determination of which ITs men can have and which ones women can have, and offer two solutions.

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I am One Thin Line and a State Law from George Zimmerman

I once heard Maya Angelou say that we are all capable of each and every act, no matter how grand or horrid, that any other human being commits. Profound. It stuck like velcro, and emerged the other day as I discovered the thin line of difference between me and George Zimmerman, the man who has [...]

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The Letter I Wish IBM CEO, Virginia Rometty, Had Written


Dear Billy:

With the smell of spring in the air and the Augusta Nationals just around the corner, I am enjoying the prospect of watching this year’s competition in person.

In my role as CEO of IBM, I regret to inform you that we are reducing our sponsorship by 50.8 percent. This is, not coincidentally, the percentage of women in the country’s population according to the 2010 census.

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Put Up or Shut Up for Diversity – What Would Rosa Parks Do?

Events that took place at a recent New England Patriots football game gave me insight into gender differences on speaking up about diversity and injustice.

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