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Hidden Talent Pool

Full Stop: You’re Searching the Wrong End of the Talent Pool

High potential talent comes in all colors, sizes, ages, and in both genders. Some companies intentionally search diverse areas of the talent pool, but few, if any, explore the place where some of the greatest talent swims, because they don’t know where it is. Discover this secret place, here.

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Women Board Directors

Dear CEO: Why You Shouldn’t Have Women on the Board – Not Even One

Once upon a time, there was a mid-size company run by men. It was called The Company. The entire executive team and all board directors at The Company was comprised of men. That seemed just fine, until… One day, for reasons still unknown, but about which I speculate later, the CEO invited a woman onto […]

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Pregnant CEO

Pregnant CEO: Back to the Future

Marissa Mayer is the first pregnant CEO of a major company, that we know of. With this news, we have the opportunity to re-think the boundary between work and life, Drawing the line with dashes, to achieve greater permeability, will serve us better in a variety of ways. It will even light the spark of […]

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