Emotional Intelligence

6 Questions To Measure Your Leadership Engagement

Employee Engagement

Truism “Deprived of meaningful work men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.” Dostoyevsky. We make much ado about employee engagement, but it trickles down, or not, from leadership engagement. How engaged are you as a leader. Find out by answering six simple questions.

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A Personal Story about Touching Reality and Why it Matters

Touching Reality

This is a personal story that sealed an important lesson into my being. When we refuse to touch the reality of a thing, it will express itself at another time and in another place. It will keep expressing itself until it finds a way to wake us.

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Employee Motivation Recipe

In a recent presentation to managers on employee motivation, participants highlighted what matters most when it comes to their own motivation. The number one factor is a meaningful challenge. Challenge means they have the skills needed but must stretch these same skills, and possibly some new ones to succeed They also indicated the recognition by managers and leaders are the most important rewards.

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Together from the silence we create.

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Corporate Fear

Our organizations are built on foundations of fear that retard progress. Where and how do we learn to recognize and overcome our fears? In this post, I turn to Shamanism for answers.

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Leading With Paradox – Notes from a Feminist’s Son

She was obsessed with fairness.

A woman of great certainty who saw the world in black and white.

Later in her life she asked me to teach her about gray.

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I’ve Rewired My Brain, Now What?

Leadership is a lonely sport. It demands the ability to hold life, at times without solace, comfort or sharing.

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The Experiment – Reflections from Coach & Coachee

Helen did not believe that relationships should be important at work. A year later she is nominated for manager of the year. What happened?

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Been Duped? Don’t Want to Be Duped Again? Read This.

How is it that we repeatedly get fooled, often by similar characters, in business and in life. For the answer look inside.

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Empathy Improves Team Performance

Michael is a sales manager in a high tech company.  He is very task focused and finds it difficult to simultaneously drive goals and attend to relationships.  During  a 360 interview one of his direct reports provides the following feedback.  “Michael takes the wind right out of my sails. When he called the other day, I was telling him about progress my [...]

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