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Evolutionary leaders evolve

What & Who Are Evolutionary Leaders

“Leaders are a catalyst for the evolution of humankind.” ~ Anne Perschel, Leadership Coach & Evolutionist What Evolutionary Leaders Do I have always believed this quote represents the aspirations of true leaders. It was only recently, however, that I decided to call them Evolutionary Leaders as a way to distinguish them from those who occupy […]

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For better leadership, change your brain

4 Brain Changes for Better Leadership

Most leaders go off the rails at times, particularly under stress. That’s when the brain is most prone to react to triggers. Triggers shift us into default behaviors. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Take the road to better leadership with these four steps to change your habits of mind and default behaviors.

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Gender bias paper cut

4 Gender Bias Paper Cut Band-aids

Gender bias paper cuts are small acts such as being ignored, overlooked, and singled out. Members of the opposite sex often don’t notice the offending actions. Over time, these small cuts wear away our professional confidence, fortitude, and sense of belonging. It’s best to be prepared in advance and these 4 band-aids will help.

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