3 Inspirational Leadership Types – Which are you?

Inspirational leadership sees the tree inside the accorn

There are three inspirational leadership types – the brilliant visionary, the victorious strategy genius, and the see-er of human potential. Which type are you?

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6 Questions To Measure Your Leadership Engagement

Employee Engagement

Truism “Deprived of meaningful work men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.” Dostoyevsky. We make much ado about employee engagement, but it trickles down, or not, from leadership engagement. How engaged are you as a leader. Find out by answering six simple questions.

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6 Leadership Lessons from One Curious Tale

Leadership Lessons from Marin Alsop

As a leader, there are times when it’s best for you to take a stand, to be certain, to explain and to defend your actions. There are times, however, when it’s best to be curious and explore. These leadership lessons from music director, Marin Alsop, show you when and how.

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7 Steps to Finding Your Vision

Finding your vision

We are advised to lead with a compelling vision. But where and how do you find your vision, or does IT find YOU?

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6 Tips for Men and Women Who Aspire to the C-Suite

Recently, I got to play Oprah in a corporate version of her former show. The audience included women who aspire to the C-Suite, their mentors and sponsors. You too can share in the advice participants valued most. But first.. Welcome to Today’s Show for Women who Aspire to the C-Suite Nora and Elisha are C-suite [...]

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The One Thing Leaders Need to Know

What is the one thing leaders need to know to ignite and sustain transformation? When offered a choice between the path to evolution and the path to stagnation, people will choose….

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Transformational Leadership’s Dirty Little Secret

Professor James MacGregor Burns, presidential biographer and leadership expert, walked the usual path towards his office in the political science building. On this day, however, he turned towards the psychology building, where he didn’t teach. What secrets did psychology hold to understanding how transformational leadership happens.

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Leadership Mistakes: The Wrong Side of Being Right

Mark was a member of a leadership team, who loved a good debate. He won because he had air tight logic. He also won because he laid the frame for the debate, making himself a sure winner, unless the opposing party understood how to do the re-frame move. Most didn’t. In the end, Mark won most arguments, proving himself the smarter leader, and one who rarely didn’t know what to do. He also rarely made leadership mistakes. But THAT was his biggest mistake.

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The Wrong Side of Being Right – Strategy Mistake?

Many years ago, I consulted to the leadership team of an organization that was making a BIG shift in their business strategy. Company leaders decided to bring an end to their role as the market leader in a particular technology sector. Instead, they were going to start over with a new technology offer in a vastly different market. Why? They saw the future. But there’s something odd about this story. It finishes with an ending that takes the author by surprise.

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Leading Culture Change: Four Delegation No Nos

You have a vision that involves leading culture change. You selected a change sponsor and have identified clear goals for you team. If you think your role ends there, get ready to watch things fizzle. You can delegate some roles and actions, but you absolutely must maintain visibility as the Chief Culture Change Officer and sustain four ongoing commitments to action.

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