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Leading Culture Change - Celebrate New Heroes

Leading Culture Change: Four Delegation No Nos

You have a vision that involves leading culture change. You selected a change sponsor and have identified clear goals for you team. If you think your role ends there, get ready to watch things fizzle. You can delegate some roles and actions, but you absolutely must maintain visibility as the Chief Culture Change Officer and […]

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How NOT to lead culture change

3 Principles for Leading Culture Change & One Success Story

In 1999 Kent Thiry became CEO of DaVita, a provider of kidney dialysis treatments. The company was on the verge of bankruptcy. It had revenues of $1.4 billion, losses of $56 million, and a share price of about $2. By June 7, 2013, after the culture change, share prices grew to $125.50. This magnificent turnaround […]

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Molding Culture Change

Molding Culture Change – Get Their Fingerprints on It

People are more inclined to implement ideas they helped develop than ideas developed for them. The reasons are simple and straightforward. The drive for Identity, knowing and being valued for who I am, is an important force in the western world. (Some cultures are driven more by group identity.) We like to see the our […]

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