Leading in Difficult Times

A Personal Story about Touching Reality and Why it Matters

Touching Reality

This is a personal story that sealed an important lesson into my being. When we refuse to touch the reality of a thing, it will express itself at another time and in another place. It will keep expressing itself until it finds a way to wake us.

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Face the Ogre


You must jump through the hoop of Fire, and

Skate to the middle of the Pond

to face the Ogre

So Fear…

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I’ve Rewired My Brain, Now What?

Leadership is a lonely sport. It demands the ability to hold life, at times without solace, comfort or sharing.

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What Would Sargent Shriver Ask of Us?

“Who among us will lead the way in taking less so that together we can be more?”

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Avoiding the Pink Slip Epidemic

While there is no sure fire way (pun intended) to avoid being pink slipped, there are a number of steps you can take to increase the chances of holding on to your current position and to prepare now for a possible transition.

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Downsizing with Dignity

It is possible and not very difficult or costly to approach layoffs in ways that increase positive public relations as well as employee motivation, productivity, and loyalty.

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Finding the Upside in the Downturn

Imagine laying off 8% of your workforce then having kudos spread like wildfire across the internet using words like ”authenticity, transparency, accessibility and integrity.”  Meanwhile your customers commit to more word of mouth marketing and placing more orders to ensure your company survives the economic downturn.  This is exactly what happened immediately after Zappos CEO Tony [...]

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