Having It All or Not Having All: That is NOT the Question

Having it All

I was not having it all, when Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, caused an uproar. When I stopped having the travel part of IT ALL, I had time to write that the real question is how to change the gender based determination of which ITs men can have and which ones women can have, and offer two solutions.

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What I Want Her to Know about Suicide

She works hard to keep the words held tightly inside. Sometimes it seems they are going to leap off her tongue, but she seals her lips, On occasion, if you look closely, you will see that her lips open, just a hair’s width, as if she might let the words out, as if she actually wants to put them outside her mouth and into the room, but she has no breath with which to push them beyond her teeth.

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Joyful Lily – A Pay it Forward Post

Nothing had changed and everything was different.

Nothing was different.

Only I had changed.

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