Life Lessons

Will You Leave Them a Ladle of Memories?

This is my great aunt Celia with her husband, my great Uncle Jake. As a young woman Auntie Celia emigrated from Russia to the U.S. She served as domestic help to a family member. She was not formally educated. She was wise, wise enough to leave them a ladle of memories.

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A Personal Story about Touching Reality and Why it Matters

Touching Reality

This is a personal story that sealed an important lesson into my being. When we refuse to touch the reality of a thing, it will express itself at another time and in another place. It will keep expressing itself until it finds a way to wake us.

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Does Your Self Image Need a Software Upgrade? What my sunglasses taught me


When was the last time you changed it?

You might wonder why I’m asking these questions about self image.

Let me explain.

Have you ever passed a mirror, not realizing that’s what it was, glanced quickly, and wondered,”Who is that______________ human being?”

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Face the Ogre


You must jump through the hoop of Fire, and

Skate to the middle of the Pond

to face the Ogre

So Fear…

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Each Moment, a Wonder

Each moment, a wonder.

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Corporate Fear

Our organizations are built on foundations of fear that retard progress. Where and how do we learn to recognize and overcome our fears? In this post, I turn to Shamanism for answers.

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I’ve Rewired My Brain, Now What?

Leadership is a lonely sport. It demands the ability to hold life, at times without solace, comfort or sharing.

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