Life’s Transitions

Will You Leave Them a Ladle of Memories?

This is my great aunt Celia with her husband, my great Uncle Jake. As a young woman Auntie Celia emigrated from Russia to the U.S. She served as domestic help to a family member. She was not formally educated. She was wise, wise enough to leave them a ladle of memories.

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What I Want Her to Know about Suicide

She works hard to keep the words held tightly inside. Sometimes it seems they are going to leap off her tongue, but she seals her lips, On occasion, if you look closely, you will see that her lips open, just a hair’s width, as if she might let the words out, as if she actually wants to put them outside her mouth and into the room, but she has no breath with which to push them beyond her teeth.

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Trapeze Artist and Change Master

The trapeze artist is a change master. The knows how to let go and when to grab hold.

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Space in the Nest for Blueberry Bushes – Emptying the Nest Part 2

Baby Boy and Pappa Man

After dropping Baby Boy at college, we drove away in an aimless fog. The trip had been carefully planed through this point – then no plan, just the road ahead and the still silence in the car. Tears. Separately. Together. We drove for hours, stopped when we were tired and hungry, slept, got up and [...]

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Mother Apologizes to Her Son – He is Not a Slob

This is a mother’s apology to her son. I am the mother, apologizing to my son for not understanding that he has a system of fine distinctions between the various levels of clothing dirtiness.

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Emptying the Next – Part 1

In August our son left for college providing me with the opportunity to learn up close and personal about life’s transitions once again.  For months I rode anticipatory waves of:  sadness about the end of this chapter, loneliness over the sound and sense of emptiness in the house, worry and fear about how my husband and I would [...]

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