Women in Leadership

5 Steps to Build Your Courage and Self Confidence

Anxious? Scared? Where did all your courage go? Nowhere. Courage and self confidence are contextual. Learn how to transfuse courage from one context to another.

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One Big Self Confidence Tip – Image Matters

“Dress your way into self-confidence. If you can, hire an image consultant to help you find a great outfit that makes you feel your personal best.” This advice comes from an EVP who reveals that self confidence remains an issue even for professional women who break through glass ceilings.

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4 Steps to Build Your Self Confidence

If you wait to feel self confident before lifting that big weight for career success, you’ll be waiting forever. Build you self confidence muscle by lifting successively heavier weights, using this 4 step program.

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Two Tips: Professional Women and Self Confidence

Professional women and self confidence is a problem, according to professional women, but maybe it’s a problem of context. Follow these two tips to boost your confidence.

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Why Mentors Pay It Forward – Marty Glickman’s Story


Why do mentors pay it forward? Where does the desire to mentor come from? Marty Glickman was a mentor extraordinaire whose story sheds light on the answer to that question.

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6 Leadership Lessons from One Curious Tale

Leadership Lessons from Marin Alsop

As a leader, there are times when it’s best for you to take a stand, to be certain, to explain and to defend your actions. There are times, however, when it’s best to be curious and explore. These leadership lessons from music director, Marin Alsop, show you when and how.

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The Space in Between

sunset spaces in between

We are wrong to pay so little attention to the space in between. The space in between paints beautiful sunsets. The space in between leads to intention.

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6 Tips for Men and Women Who Aspire to the C-Suite

Recently, I got to play Oprah in a corporate version of her former show. The audience included women who aspire to the C-Suite, their mentors and sponsors. You too can share in the advice participants valued most. But first.. Welcome to Today’s Show for Women who Aspire to the C-Suite Nora and Elisha are C-suite [...]

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How to Get Men Advocating for More Women Leaders

In the final 48 hours before the big mentoring event for women, we made a decision that changed everything. This is how we discovered, almost by accident, the secret formula to getting more men advocating for more women leaders.

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Do Women Managers Burn Too Many Emotional Calories?

It’s not always helpful for women managers to understand people so well. Sometimes it interferes with getting the job done, particularly when the job involves delivering tough messages. So why do women burn so many emotional calories and how do we stop?

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