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Gender bias paper cut

4 Gender Bias Paper Cut Band-aids

Gender bias paper cuts are small acts such as being ignored, overlooked, and singled out. Members of the opposite sex often don’t notice the offending actions. Over time, these small cuts wear away our professional confidence, fortitude, and sense of belonging. It’s best to be prepared in advance and these 4 band-aids will help.

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What's the ROI on your Women's Leadership Initiative ?

Women’s Leadership Program Delivers $6.5 Million

Your company, and many others, invests millions on multi-year women’s leadership initiative, but there’s little if any return on the investment. Learn the recipe one company used to gain $6.5 million in new revenue from their women’s leadership initiative.

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Dress up your self confidence

One Big Self Confidence Tip – Image Matters

“Dress your way into self-confidence. If you can, hire an image consultant to help you find a great outfit that makes you feel your personal best.” This advice comes from an EVP who reveals that self confidence remains an issue even for professional women who break through glass ceilings.

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