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What's the ROI on your Women's Leadership Initiative ?

Women’s Leadership Program Delivers $6.5 Million

Your company, and many others, invests millions on multi-year women’s leadership initiative, but there’s little if any return on the investment. Learn the recipe one company used to gain $6.5 million in new revenue from their women’s leadership initiative.

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Women Board Directors

6 Tips for Men and Women Who Aspire to the C-Suite

Recently, I got to play Oprah in a corporate version of her former show. The audience included women who aspire to the C-Suite, their mentors and sponsors. You too can share in the advice participants valued most. But first.. Welcome to Today’s Show for Women who Aspire to the C-Suite Nora and Elisha are C-suite […]

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Hidden Talent Pool

Full Stop: You’re Searching the Wrong End of the Talent Pool

High potential talent comes in all colors, sizes, ages, and in both genders. Some companies intentionally search diverse areas of the talent pool, but few, if any, explore the place where some of the greatest talent swims, because they don’t know where it is. Discover this secret place, here.

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Women Board Directors

Dear CEO: Why You Shouldn’t Have Women on the Board – Not Even One

Once upon a time, there was a mid-size company run by men. It was called The Company. The entire executive team and all board directors at The Company was comprised of men. That seemed just fine, until… One day, for reasons still unknown, but about which I speculate later, the CEO invited a woman onto […]

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Paving your path to the C-suite

Seven Steps for Paving Your Road to the C-Suite

Your arrival at the C-suite will not happen by accident, coincidence or luck. Paving your road to the C-suite Nor will it result from being smart, accomplished and talented…alone. You have to pave your path, then move along down the road, purposefully and with a plan. Over the years I’ve had many conversations with clients […]

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Read the Sign


Emerging global conditions are a flashing neon sign that calls for a PARADIGM SHIFT. Women can and are critical to making this shift. But first we will need to move into power, but there is a careful and paradoxical dance required. Read about the shift and the dance…

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