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In a race, the starting line and finish line are clearly defined. Any life endeavor needs the same points: a base line of where you are and a goal to aim for. However, it isn’t always easy to gain a clear perspective of these points, which is why so many set goals they can’t attain. You need a clear perspective. This is where life coaching happens.

As a life coach I help you:

  • Identify your dreams and make those dreams a reality
  • Achieve goals you’ve set but haven’t been able to realize
  • Refocus your life, especially during times of transition
  • Move through challenges that might otherwise stand in your way
  • Transform confusion and not knowing into a clear vision and goals

How Life Coaching Works

Our work begins with powerful questions that help you see yourself and your situation from a different perspective. Together, we uncover strengths you can leverage to move forward. We also find and change patterns of behavior that get in your way.

As your coach I become your accountability partner so you don’t just make commitments. You meet them.

Change Is Simple but Changing Isn’t Easy

Changing old habits of mind and associated behaviors, takes practice.  The practices are simple, but practicing regularly isn’t easy.  Otherwise people would have greater success with change. As your coach I become your accountability partner; that makes the difference between doing nothing (or almost nothing), and doing everything you promised yourself.

Each coaching session ends with assignments related to your goals, so you continue to progress from one session to the next. When we meet again, we review what you did, what you learned, the challenges you encountered, and your successes.

Success creates more success. Each and all your successes bring you closer to making your dream a reality.

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