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As a leader, you have the ability to see bottlenecks in overall organizational performance. You have the “big picture” view, allowing you to comprehend the pressures the company faces. You think about the future, realizing that doing things the same old way will not continue to create success in this highly-competitive, fast-paced environment. What you can’t see clearly is a vision of the future you want to create, or how to get there. This is where organizational consulting comes in.

How Organizational Consulting Works

Organizational consulting helps address human and systems issues that affect  the company’s present and/or future performance. We walk you through a systems approach that provides fresh perspectives and results in solutions that work.

Perhaps you have ideas about what to do, but aren’t sure how to engage and mobilize the people who will make it happen. Maybe you’ve started to implement change but are getting the corporate “nod” without much real commitment or action. Organizational development consulting addresses all of these situations.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is essential for navigating change that helps leaders manage businesses’ complexity more effectively. By assessing and understanding the linkages and patterns of interaction between the parts that make up the whole system, problems and solutions are viewed in terms of their relationship to - and mutual impact on - other parts of the system and the system as a a whole.

Systems thinking assures that you align all the parts to achieve a desired end result. If you want groups to collaborate across silos, you have to create collaborative goals; reward and model collaborative behaviors; teach people how to work together differently; and provide the tools to help. Simply expecting changed behavior won’t solve the problem, because parts of the system will work against the change.

Addressing Current Obstacles

Turning your organization into a highly productive entity often requires addressing issues that have been swept under the rug and are getting in the way. You see symptoms of dysfunction such as:

  • Lack of open communication and trust
  • The leadership team hasn’t gelled and they aren’t working well together
  • Blaming, cover up, or turf protection behaviors have emerged within some groups
  • Not enough collaboration across organization boundaries
  • Lack of vitality, open exchange, and creative conflict in meetings
  • People needing to be pushed even though you really want them to be proactive and drive business success
  • Real and timely information about important issues don’t always get to you.

Dysfunctional behaviors eventually erode the culture and the ability for the organization to achieve its goals. We involve you and the key players in a process to get at the root causes, resolve the problems, and leave you better equipped to address sticky issues in the future.

Creating a Better Future for Your Organization

Given the world today, change in your organization is inevitable, and may be triggered by internal or external forces, such as:

  • New member(s) on the leadership team
  • High levels of employee dissatisfaction
  • Increased competition transformation of the market and its drivers. Entire businesses are melting away as the market mutates. The business must reinvent itself or die
  • Changing customer and employee demographics
  • Globalization of the marketplace
  • New technologies

We can help you assess your desired and current situation, identify what needs to change, and navigate through the organizational landscape to make the changes a reality.


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