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Your senior leadership team is composed of capable, experienced leaders. Their respective organizations perform well. When working collectively, however, your executive team members spend much of their time in mere information sharing, wheel-spinning, show casing and other non-productive endeavors. Instead, they should be resolving important issues and paving the path to a bright future.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The right approach to improving the design, structure, work, dynamics and interactions on your senior leadership team will enable the group to address the most important current and future needs of the organization.

Germane Coaching & Consulting (or Dr. Anne Perschel) brings you researched-based, proven solutions, designed specifically to help senior leadership teams work on the right issues while performing at their best. Our 6 step approach ensures you’re building a great senior leadership team.

  1. Assessing the team for 6 factors that distinguish high functioning, high contributing senior leadership teams.
  2. Identifying what needs to change
  3. Collaborating with you on a plan to make those changes
  4. Guiding you and the team through implementation
  5. Working with the team to learn how to operate at maximum potential with new and different structures, membership, working agendas, processes, and ways of interacting.
  6. Re-assessing the team’s output 6 - 9 months later and making further recommendations as needed.
We know what great leadership teams do differently. We work with you and your team to put that knowledge into practice.


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