Customer Testimonials

Germane Coaching & Consulting profoundly affects organizations in many ways. The following testimonials illustrate the changes brought about for both the leader and the organization through the coaching programs that we offer.

“Germane Coaching & Consulting has and continues to play a critical role in transforming our sales culture to achieve true customer intimacy. As a result we have grown market share faster than the rest of the industry and are attracting the best and brightest sales people. Dr. Perschel worked with our leaders to uncover and overcome resistance to the change in our sales strategy and culture. She then identified changes in leadership attributes and skills and taught us to be more emotionally intelligent, collaborative, inclusive, and empowering. We now have better relationships with our customers who see us as critical to their success, and we have an empowered sales force that delivers what customers want and need.”
George Papa
Senior Vice President World Wide Sales
Altera Corporation

Strategic change for an organization offers challenges in many realms including personal, organization, interpersonal, and process. Germane Coaching & Consulting helps organizations deal with and effect change in all dimensions.

“The work I did with Anne has affected every aspect of the way I do business and how I lead my organization. She worked with me to understand where my strengths were and where I needed to grow to have the desired impact as a leader. Together, we put a plan in place that allowed me to develop as a leader while addressing actual issues I was facing with my team. As a result of the work we did together, I am far more confident and relaxed as a leader, which in turn has had a tremendous impact on my team. I am so much more aware of the real issues confronting my team and am able to address them in a way that has them feeling inspired and empowered. Lastly, the work we have done together has impacted my personal life in more ways than I could have imagined. For the first time since I was a kid, I am truly happy and fulfilled.”
Art Briere
Director of Sales
Altera Corporation

Our leadership coaching services provide skills and outcomes that are difficult, if not impossible to accomplish without an outside catalyst to help deliver difficult messages.

“Anne Perschel brings uncanny perceptive skills to your staff and can quickly cut through to the “core problem issues”. She has the intelligence and the courage to tell managers what they many not want to hear, but need to know.”
Warren F. Cline, Jr.,
Corporate Vice President, Distribution Operations
Future Electronics