More Women in Senior Leadership: New Research Report Details What Women and Corporate Leaders Must Do

In WOMEN AND THE PARADOX OF POWER Dr. Anne Perschel and Jane Perdue report that corporate executives leave money on the table and forgo future success by failing to advance more women to senior leadership roles. The two researchers identify specific actions leaders can take to change this picture.They also suggest businesswomen prepare themselves to […]

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Deadwood Employees

The Real Cost of Deadwood Employees

Companies are paying hidden costs, and a very high price, by maintaining important roles for senior executives who have been successful in days gone by. Instead of keeping them on as expensive deadwood employees, consider them as tribal elders who can add value in other ways.

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What's the ROI on your Women's Leadership Initiative ?

Women’s Leadership Program Delivers $6.5 Million

Your company, and many others, invests millions on multi-year women’s leadership initiative, but there’s little if any return on the investment. Learn the recipe one company used to gain $6.5 million in new revenue from their women’s leadership initiative.

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