More Women in Senior Leadership: New Research Report Details What Women and Corporate Leaders Must Do


In WOMEN AND THE PARADOX OF POWER Dr. Anne Perschel and Jane Perdue report that corporate executives leave money on the table and forgo future success by failing to advance more women to senior leadership roles. The two researchers identify specific actions leaders can take to change this picture.They also suggest businesswomen prepare themselves to take on influential leadership roles by understanding and using power more effectively. Perschel and Perdue identify 5 actions for women and 3 for current leaders that will advance women into senior leadership roles and produce better bottom line results for their companies.

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5 Steps to Build Your Courage and Self Confidence

Anxious? Scared? Where did all your courage go? Nowhere. Courage and self confidence are contextual. Learn how to transfuse courage from one context to another.

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One Big Self Confidence Tip – Image Matters

“Dress your way into self-confidence. If you can, hire an image consultant to help you find a great outfit that makes you feel your personal best.” This advice comes from an EVP who reveals that self confidence remains an issue even for professional women who break through glass ceilings.

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4 Steps to Build Your Self Confidence

If you wait to feel self confident before lifting that big weight for career success, you’ll be waiting forever. Build you self confidence muscle by lifting successively heavier weights, using this 4 step program.

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Two Tips: Professional Women and Self Confidence

Professional women and self confidence is a problem, according to professional women, but maybe it’s a problem of context. Follow these two tips to boost your confidence.

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3 Inspirational Leadership Types – Which are you?

Inspirational leadership sees the tree inside the accorn

There are three inspirational leadership types – the brilliant visionary, the victorious strategy genius, and the see-er of human potential. Which type are you?

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6 Questions To Measure Your Leadership Engagement

Employee Engagement

Truism “Deprived of meaningful work men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.” Dostoyevsky. We make much ado about employee engagement, but it trickles down, or not, from leadership engagement. How engaged are you as a leader. Find out by answering six simple questions.

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Why Mentors Pay It Forward – Marty Glickman’s Story


Why do mentors pay it forward? Where does the desire to mentor come from? Marty Glickman was a mentor extraordinaire whose story sheds light on the answer to that question.

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6 Leadership Lessons from One Curious Tale

Leadership Lessons from Marin Alsop

As a leader, there are times when it’s best for you to take a stand, to be certain, to explain and to defend your actions. There are times, however, when it’s best to be curious and explore. These leadership lessons from music director, Marin Alsop, show you when and how.

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7 Steps to Finding Your Vision

Finding your vision

We are advised to lead with a compelling vision. But where and how do you find your vision, or does IT find YOU?

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Word Matters and Words Matter: Diverse Abilities

Diverse abilities are yesterday’s disabilities. Context is the difference maker that turns a “disability” into a talent. Autistic adults, for example, make great…

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