Leadership guides provide access to your inner wisdom when you think you’ve lost it and need it most.

They provide answers when:

  • You don’t know what to do
  • You can’t, and won’t, find answers in your logical thinking brain
  • You’re caught in a tangle of emotions and unproductive thoughts that keep repeating themselves

Leadership Guides - When You’re Caught in a Tangle

As a leader, you are first and foremost a human being. All human beings get caught in tangles. What exactly is a tangle? A confused mess.

Picture a tangle of threads.

Tangled? Find your inner leadership guides

Now sense the frustration you feel as you try to unwind it. The more you try, the more frustrated you become. The more frustrated you become, the more difficult it is to find your way through the mess. You, along with the threads, are caught in a tangle. There’s no hope of untangling the threads until you tangle yourself.

Next, imagine the tangle of threads are inside you. As you try to unwind it, you tighten twist and turn, eventually creating another secondary tangle. Now you’re stuck in a tangle within a tangle - nested tangles.

It is exactly at this point that you need to call your wise guides. They are your only hope of getting outside the secondary tangle so you can resolve the original tangle.

How to Access Your Leadership Guides

Recall a tangle, the actual problem. It’s likely to be a relationship issue. Feel the associated physical sensations, thoughts and emotions. Don’t try to solve the problem yet, because as you may recall, you’ll simply create a secondary tangle.

Leadership guides help you untangle


Instead, imagine you hear a gentle knock at the door. You open it and see your wise guide(s). Who are they? A supportive and wise friend, mentor, parent, coach, Jesus, Gandhi, The Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa?  You let them in and immediately feel comforted, a bit more relaxed. When you relax the tangles, they’re more likely to loosen and become easier to unwind.

Next, ask your guides for advice.

  • What should I do?
  • How am I supposed to be with this situation, this person, myself?


Next, picture the guides presenting you with a gift that represents their advice.

(My guides recently gave me a gold necklace, and on it hung a golden charm, of a toilet brush)

Ask yourself what message the gift conveys.

In the case of my golden toilet brush the guides advised me to hold the situation, the other person, and myself lightly with sweet loving tenderness. The message imprinted on the golden toilet brush stated, “This is your preparation.” I knew exactly what it meant.

After following the guides’ advice for 3-weeks, the problem that caused my tangle was no longer a problem.The tangle had dissolved. And it’s so much more pleasurable to be sweet, tender and loving, than it was to be caught in a tangle of my own anger.



Anne Perschel
Anne Perschel
When she is not consulting; coaching; reading and writing about leadership; or enjoying her work in other ways; Anne can be found:

Listening to ocean waves receding over stones.
Enjoying the spontaneous expressions of young children who haven’t yet learned to hide their emotions.
Taking in the scent of freesias, lilacs or salt water.
Enjoying the great, or not so great, outdoors and all variations of nature’s gifts.
At the gym.

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