Most important leadership film is not an official academy award category. Then again, neither is most important film, but IMRHO it probably should be. Because this is my idea and my blog post, I get to choose this year’s winner in both categories.

(Opens envelope)

And the Oscar goes to Hidden Figures (despite the yet-to-be-announced full slate of candidates).

Why You Should Watch the Most Important Leadership Film

Film is an art form that tells a story. Art and stories influence the way we see the world. The way we see the world influences how we think and act. Films allow us to see and feel our way into different times, different places, and lives different from our own. When leaders see the world from this broader perspective, their thoughts and actions are more well-informed and often wiser.

The Winner Is

Most important film award

Most important leadership film award

The winner of the most important leadership film should broaden our perspective while teaching us about leadership. Hidden Figures does both.

It takes us to a time when Separate but Equal was both a given and legal in the United States. We are drawn into the lives of three black women. We become aware of their aspirations, their struggles and the indignities they suffer. We watch as they respond to race based obstacles with dignity, integrity, courage, humor, and sisterhood. We see Dorothy Vaughan, played by Octavia Spencer, repeatedly denied her supervisory title, although she is clearly the one in charge. Angry? Perhaps. But that is not her focus. Instead, she chooses to be unstoppable. She proactively prepares herself and her entire team for technological change. And by prepare I mean she learns how to program a main frame computer…on her own, no teacher, no formal course, no other students. Then she pays it forward by teaching everyone on her team. She is promoted to supervisor and her entire team is promoted with her.

Leaders inspire others to achieve their own greatness.

In real life 21st century Hidden Figures inspired leaders at PepsiCo and 21st Century Fox to sponsor The Search for Hidden Figures scholarship, worth $200,000.

Both companies

Hope to inspire as many young women as possible to strive for greatness through the scholarship.

Women who receive the scholarship will inspire others.

Leadership inspires. The best leadership movie award goes to Hidden Figures for leading with an inspirational beat that goes on beating.

Read more about the film and the real women whose story it tells.



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