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Welcome to February’s Now Leadership Blog Carnival, a short edition for a short month.

For the first time ever we are running a contest. More about that later. First meet some of our new contributors.

  • Dorothy Dalton claims she does not write about leadership. We disagree. Read her post Playing without the Queens, and let her know what you think.
  • Young women at The Farmer School of Business, Miami University, are learning while giving back. You can read about what they’re doing and offer a warm welcome.  We hope they will contribute to future editions.
  • Rob and the Girl are reading, but not liking, the Princess and the Pea. Read The Girl, The Princess, The Pea and Me to find out why.

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

  • The Mothers of Invention is the name of Frank Zappa’s former rock group, but in Catalyst’s contribution by that same name you will read how circular saws, chocolate chip cookies, and the programming language Cobol came into being.

NOW - The Contest

Two of this month’s writers are related to each other. The first reader to submit a correct answer will have his or her qualifying post along with a special introduction featured in the March edition of NOW. You can submit your entry as a comment on my post, The Rule of 3. Don’t bother looking for hints, as I have provided absolutely none. It you think you’ve found a hint, you haven’t. (Any two persons who are related to each other and who have a post in this month’s issue are hereby disqualified from winning this contest, even if they do, by chance, submit the correct answers.)

Let the NOW Begin

Women and Leadership - A Look from Inside the Boardroom

Tanveer Naseer offers a sneak preview of Susan T. Spencer’s upcoming book Briefcase Essentials by special permission of the author. The sample chapter, La Femme Phobique (Yes, Madam Chapsal it is your mother tongue) demonstrates how this very crafty women went right around the obstacles presented by a customer who would not give her the time of day… because she was, and still is, a woman. You may find yourself singing “Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t nor river wide enough. Ain’t no valley low enough - to keep me from sellin’ to you babe.”

12 Leadership Styles

Marion Chapsal, NOWLeadership collaborator, introduces us to The Achiever, The Pioneer, The Innovator, The Connector, and more. But wait. What has she done? Could it be? Is it even possible to teach and demonstrate each of the styles by way of women who lead? Yes it is, and yes she has done it.  Read about the styles and how they are used by Meg Whitman - EBay, Ursula Burns - Xerox, Andrea Jong - Avon, Arrianna Hufington - Huffington Post and more. Not Only for Women.

The Girl, The Princess, The Pea and Me

Rob, father of The Girl laments the archetypes of women as he reads yet another fairy tale to his young daughter. He gives us hope, however, with a preview of how he would rewrite these stories. Would you prefer Rapunzel with short hair learning to base jump; a Little Mermaid who dumps the clueless prince? You’ll find them and a few others here.

The Rule of 3

Dr. Anne Perschel at Germane Coaching & Consulting uses the Rule of 3 to create culture change by way of advancing 3 or more women in the same organization to top leadership roles.  When company leaders ask what goal to aim for, it’s also the Rule of 3. Now you can read why and how it works. You can also join 3Plus International, a venture co-founded with Dorothy Dalton and Lise Moen, that is changing the game for game changing women and the Fortune-ate companies that employ them.

Mothers of Invention

Catalyst is where leaders discover how their companies can prosper from the talents of women. I follow them on twitter @catalystinc where they posted  an article highlighting inventions by women. Among those included at How Stuff Works are the programming language Cobol;  liquid eraser - or what we know as White Out; chocolate chip cookies and one of my favorites, the circular saw - because women sit in and often lead by way of the circle rather than the pyramid.

Playing without the Queens

Dorothy Dalton claims she does not write about leadership. I disagree. Read her post about lessons learned while stranded at the airport and let her know what you think.

Business Majors Giving Back

My google alerts are set for “women leaders” “women leadership” “women leadership conference.” Last week I was delighted to find a link to Miami University where our son, Jordan, is a business major and where undergraduate women at The Farmer School of Business are giving back to women in business. While these ambitious undergrads update their website, the post is being hosted a Germane Insights.

Why are YOU at the Leadership Table

Jane Perdue gets your leadership big on with guest blogger Dorothea Walker former president of Charleston S.C. Center for Women. Dorothea shares an up close and personal look at a missed opportunity. It’s one that many women miss more often than we should and more often than we’d like to admit.

Get a Little Closer. Don’t Be Shy. The Impact of Personal Story Telling

Ericka Hines, Social Change Diva, shares the story of  how and why she came to work in the not-for-profit sector. It all starts at home when she was a little girl. As she tells her story, she points out the importance of story telling for leaders and leading.

Humility of a NOW Leader on Display at HBR

Tony Schwartz, CEO of the Energy Project (son of Catalyst’s founder Felice Schwartz) bears the humility hallmark of NOW Leaders, those who succeed in the 21st century by way of different set of leadership qualities. Here’s a bit of a teaser from Tony’s post on Harvard Business Review’s blog. It was  “…a remarkable interchange that went on for several hours. As the leader of our company, I was by far the most frequent focus of what people were feeling. Their comments largely revolved around ways that my words and actions had made them feel uncomfortable or destabilized, or devalued.” This post originally appeared in Harvard Business Review where you can read more posts from Tony and a number of other authors with useful thoughts and provocations about leadership.

Emotional Stupidity - Unemotional and Un-stupid Thoughts on How to Deal with It

Ever feel like this?

Gwyn Teatro shares the triggers that cause her to look and feel like this ———————————————>

She then shares suggestions from times she does not feel like this—————————————————->

about what to do and what not to do when leaders feel like this———————————————————>

What’s Coming in March?

Join us for a preview of Margaret Heffernan’s soon to be released book Willful Blindness, and who knows, maybe we’ll include an interview with the author. What say you Margaret?

See you all in March and please feel free to invite a friend.

Anne Perschel
Anne Perschel
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