Were I the artist of creation,

the chooser of days,

it would be this day,

this sky,

that I would paint

when beloved Summer,

leaving rays of warmth,

would say goodbye.


Beloved Summer: twins over Lobsterville Beach, Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard 8/9/12


This day,

This sky,

This brightest of all rainbows

And her twin.

Arching across sky

One end touching harbor

The other sliding behind  hills

Above open ocean

Announcing herself

in bright bold shimmering stripes

Beginners Red

Rhyme-less Orange

Candied Yellow

Lively Green

Calming Blue

Finely Indigo, and

Violet Finale.

On this day

28 years to the hour

my other beloved said “I do,”

He, the one who taught me

How to love and be-loved.


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