Leading Change

The future is here now in the seeds of the present.

Are you leading an organization that is undergoing a substantial change in strategy? Are you entering a new organization and need to gain credibility, win trust and have an immediate positive impact on the organization? In either situation, we can help you lead your organization successfully through the changing landscape.

It’s not enough to know what needs to be changed in order to get you through a transition. You also need to know and do what is necessary to affect the change. We probe into why change is not occurring at the right pace or in the desired direction. We challenge your thinking, your understanding of how change happens, your behavior and performance, ultimately turning good leadership into great leadership.

New Leader, Existing Organization

Anne is insightful and focused, helping to break down barriers that get in the way of change.” – Vince

The way the new leader enters an organization is key to determining the speed and success of what he/she achieves. A successful entry can help the new leader quickly gain the credibility, trust, and respect of key players so they are fully committed to making the needed changes and getting the desired results. People will begin reading signals from the moment they meet this person. What the new leader says and does needs to reflect the very nature of the changes she will make. If this goes well, the new leader will be able to quickly demonstrate results. If it does not go well, precious opportunity will be lost. And if it goes poorly valuable time and energy will be required to recover.

Existing Leader, Changing Organization

We can help you clarify your visions, beliefs, and values and stretch your capacity to lead and influence, becoming a catalyst for change within your organization. We address these issues by enhancing self-mastery, intuitive, emotional and relationship competencies. You set in motion throughout your organization the essential elements of a strong and
responsive enterprise. You capture the attention, energy, commitment and expansive talent of those around you, encouraging greater employee enthusiasm, trust, openness, collaboration and creativity. People will readily align themselves with your vision and the organization’s mission and goals because they will recognize the opportunity to expand and use their own potential.

Convert Insight into Action

Becoming a Transformational Leader will help you to assess, understand, and influence the dynamics of human interactions. You will gain enhanced insight and knowledge of people, enabling you to maximize the human potential in yourself and others. Your business will achieve greater results as each individual, team and group expands their contribution to business goals.

If you are looking for someone who can work with you to identify, plan and implement specific strategies and programs to achieve your vision and desired business results, contact us to schedule your free phone consultation.