Seven Steps for Paving Your Road to the C-Suite

Paving your path to the C-suite

Your arrival at the C-suite will not happen by accident, coincidence or luck.
Paving your road to the C-suite
Nor will it result from being smart, accomplished and talented…alone. You have to pave your path, then move along down the road, purposefully and with a plan.
Over the years I’ve had many conversations with clients and non-clients who are, or will soon be, C-suite leaders. If you’d like to know how they get there, read on.

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Getting the Most from Men-toring

Mentoring is among the most effective approaches to professional development and career advancement. Ask most senior managers and executives what helped them get where they are, and they will probably include a significant mentor. Women who have male mentors, however, often do not gain the same benefits from these relationships as do their male colleagues. Read why not and find out how to address the problems.

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