There is one and only one reason to lead, and

If you can lead, you must.


It is your obligation.

If a person was in trouble, and you could help them, would you?


Well, the world is usually in some sort of trouble, and we need help leading ourselves out of it.

What is leading?

Leading is getting people to move from A to B.

What is B?

B is better than A.

At B the people are more capable, because to get there they had to grow.

They realize they can DO MORE and BE MORE.

They don’t have to create or be in the same kind of trouble as before.

They are better than they were before.

What is “better”?

Better is more evolved.

Emphasis on evolved.

What happens after the people get to B?

 They see C.

 And then?

They lead themselves and others to C.

And so on and so forth, etc.

The end?

No end.

There is always more…


Evolve - The Only Reason to Lead

Anne Perschel
Anne Perschel
When she is not consulting; coaching; reading and writing about leadership; or enjoying her work in other ways; Anne can be found:

Listening to ocean waves receding over stones.
Enjoying the spontaneous expressions of young children who haven’t yet learned to hide their emotions.
Taking in the scent of freesias, lilacs or salt water.
Enjoying the great, or not so great, outdoors and all variations of nature’s gifts.
At the gym.

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