Transformational Leadership

Successful Leaders Collaborate

During my years as a consultant and leadership coach, the demands on leaders have changed significantly. The most astute and successful leaders realize the world is too complex for them to have all the right answers.  They see the need to create a collaborative environment where multiple perspectives are explored and where people at all levels identify and solve problems.  They also know that building capacity for continuous learning and change is a competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

To prosper for a year

Grow Wheat

To prosper to ten years

Grow Trees

To Prosper for a hundred years

Grow People

- Chinese Proverb

What is Collaborative Transformational Leadership?

The Collaborative Transformational Leadership model and tools will help you develop a culture, processes and structures for an organization that continuously evolves.

Moses, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Gloria Steinhem, Nelson Mandela, Al Gore, and Marin Alsop.  All are transformational leaders. They see and communicate a compelling picture of the future and instill others with the confidence and desire to reach it. Collaborative transformational leaders turn to employees to help determine what must be done to create that future. Employees in turn become agents of change who make it happen.

Anne helps you look at yourself and the world more objectively than you are able to or want to do on your own.” - Art

Collaborative Transformational Leaders succeed in achieving goals through inspiration, trust and nurturing talent. They are visionary, passionate about the future, and committed to developing themselves and those around them to reach it. They demonstrate the change they seek to create and tap the collective intelligence of their colleagues and employees  to achieve the vision.  Employees are committed to implementing solutions that they help to create. (Read the case study: Altera Corporation: Changing the Culture to Achieve a Competitive Advantage.)

Collaborative Transformational Leadership positively impacts organizational effectiveness in the present and the future. Its thrust is to engage with others in such a way that leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation,performance and accountability.

Becoming a Collaborative Transformational Leader

Step 1.  Watch the film on Marin Alsop conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra who speaks to the qualities of collaborative transformational leaders. Begin at minute 5:32 for the most relevant segment or watch the whole interview. It’s wonderful.

Step 2.  If this piece speaks to who you are or want to become  and what you wish to create contact me using the form below. You are the kind of person with whom I want to work and who will benefit from this model.

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