CORE Leadership

In this 3 day intensive leaders and managers expand their capabilities in the core aspects of managing and leading people.  The course teaches four models and related tools that explain personality types, leadership styles, team development and the basic structure of human interactions.  Participants discover how to lead, manage, and work more effectively across a broad array of situations from one on one communications to inter-group conflict.

Value for participants:

Using the 4 models the leader:

  • Identifies and works effectively with
    • His/her leadership style, strengths and weaknesses
    • Different personality types and management styles
    • Various stages of team development
    • The full range of communication styles, types and situations


  • Moves his/her team through each stage to reach higher levels of performance
  • Reads a room and takes action to achieve desired outcomes
  • Manages and makes use of conflict and impasses
  • Intervenes effectively with people who don’t get along
  • Understands his/her own triggers and skillfully manages responses

Workshop Leaders

Skilled facilitators and leadership development experts, Dr. Anne Perschel and Nancy Heaton Lonstein,  have  extensive experience using these models with leaders and groups.  They teach participants to integrate the four models into a cohesive system for working with people of all types in the full range of work related situations.

Follow-up services

Because we appreciate the significant learning opportunities that occur as people apply these models in real work situations, the following services are included:

  •  3 hours of coaching for each participant
  • 1.5 hour meeting with the whole group to facilitate shared learning

Who should attend?

This workshop is appropriate for mid-managers to senior executives,  team and project leaders.

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