Four Intelligences of Transformational Leadership


Leading Like Lincoln identifies the four leadership attributes that enabled the 16th president’s extraordinary achievements.  Real stories from Lincoln’s life illustrate how he used these various intelligences to influence people, resolve conflict and transform the country.  Current research on how the brain works is used to explain why and how these methods achieve desired results.  Participants engage in simulations that allow them to practice and assess the degree to which they employ or need to develop these attributes.

Most executives face the need to transform their companies and lead employees through change.  Experts in organization change have identified major steps in this process.  Begin with a clear and compelling vision of the end state.  Gain people’s trust in your ability to take them there. Get stakeholders on board. But there is no simple formula for how to do all these things.  In addition, each and every leader will face different and unpredictable challenges along the way.  Transformational leaders like Lincoln rely on highly developed attributes to lead change successfully by addressing obstacles and opportunities as they arise.


  • Lincoln’s four transformational leadership attributes
  • Examples of how he employed these attributes
  • Why and how they work
  • Self-assessment by way of simulated exercises
  • Resources for individual development

Value for participants:

  • Know the attributes needed to lead change
  • Understand why and how employing these attributes leads to success
  • Practice and identify the attributes you need to develop
  • Identify resources to further your own learning and development

Note: The text for this seminar is Team of Rivals by Doris KearnsGoodwin.  It is not necessary for participants to read this book prior to the course.

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