Leadership Coaching

Becoming a Better Leader

Anne is compassionate and puts her heart and soul into what she is doing. She wants to make a difference and makes you want to make a difference. - Kim

Our advanced coaching methods result in productive change for you, your team, and your organization. While coaching is tailored to your individual needs, our expertise allows the coaching work to focus on you as a leader as well as your understanding of human behavior, organization dynamics and the way systems work.  As your capacity expands, those around you respond in kind. You set in motion throughout your organization the essential elements of a strong and responsive enterprise. The impact of your leadership will show itself in your ever-increasing ability to rapidly predict, recognize and resolve human and systemic problems.

Why Leadership Coaching?

According to a study by Metrix Global, executive coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business. For every $1 spent on coaching services, companies yielded a $5 return. The intangible benefits include increased productivity, annualized financial benefits due to increased productivity, increased employee satisfaction, increased work output, and increased work quality. Are you ready to engage a highly experienced coach with a proven track record?

How We Work

Our leadership coaching method combines expertise in leadership development, the art and science of psychology, and in-depth knowledge of organizations as systems. We begin with a unique approach to the 360 assessment that identifies your strengths and needs while helping you build greater trust and open communication with the people around you. We help you expand your sphere of awareness about yourself, others and your environment. We work with you to make greater use of your strengths and to develop underutilized attributes and skills. You are challenged, supported, heard, encouraged, and held accountable for you ability to see clearly and take actions that lead to the desired results. We continuously seek feedback from those around you to ensure we are working on the right things and you are being more effective. But we don’t stop there. We also teach you the relevant laws of organizations as systems and the science of individual and group behavior. We help you rapidly assess, understand and influence people and organization dynamics. In our coaching sessions we address present challenges and opportunities while teaching you a methodology that you can use in the future as your situation changes. This combination sustains your success after the coaching engagement has ended, because you have a deeper understanding of yourself, others and organizations.

Expand Your Awareness, Broaden Your Influence

Are you are ready to:

  • Enhance how you perceive, think and act to positively impact the organization?
  • See more of the possibilities and opportunities available to you?
  • Increase your own effectiveness and the effectiveness of those around you?

Contact us for a consultation to see how we can take your leadership skills to that next level.