Women’s Leadership

Women as Transformational Leaders

A Harvard Business Review Commentary by Dr. Anne Perschel

Dr. Anne Perschel, President of Germane Coaching & Consulting, was recently published in Harvard Business Review. Read her commentary on women as transformational leaders.

We welcome these thoughtful responses to our article. Anne Perschel is right in recognizing the importance of female role models—from myths, stories, and real life. Feminine archetypes of success can inspire women and help them navigate the labyrinth. - Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carli

Women: Changing the Face of Leadership

Dr. Anne Perschel speaks to business audiences about the role of women in resolving what Harvard University calls a “leadership crisis” in American business.

Women’s Leadership Attributes

Smart companies are aware of the growing economic power of women consumers and are taking steps now to gain market advantage with this population. Some are responding by growing women leaders capable of integrating feminine thinking into the company’s business plans, strategies and culture. In order to grow the business, these women must be accepted as equals among their peers. For this to happen, the very model of what is considered good leadership has to incorporate feminine as well as masculine attributes.

Germane Coaching & Consulting’s research on women’s leadership will be of interest to these companies. Interviews with dozens of male and female leaders indicates that women bring a very specific set of attributes and that these same attributes are more critical to the success of all leaders than they were 20 years ago.  Please fill out the form below to receive a copy of this article.

Women’s Leadership: Obstacles and Levers

Companies investing in women’s leadership initiatives will also be interested in “Women’s Leadership: Obstacles and Levers,” an assessment that identifies organizational forces that aid or abet the promotion and success of women leaders. The survey is based on meta research findings across a variety of industries and companies. Survey results create a clear road-map for successful women’s leadership initiatives.

White Paper

Women in Leadership: From Politically Correct to Strategic Advantage


  • compelling business reasons for advancing women to top leadership teams
  • known practices for retaining, promoting and maximizing women’s contributions from leading edge companies - Deloitte, Ernst & Young, G.E., Best Buy, American Express
  • Uncommon practices to break through the cultural impasse
  • Original research - what men say they learn from women leaders

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