Women: Changing the Face of Leadership

Women are playing an important role in the evolution of leadership. They are more likely to be transformational leaders and as outsiders they see what needs to change. To accelerate this shift to 21st century leadership and the associated business benefits*, companies must address obstacles to the success, promotion and retention of highly capable women.

*Companies with more women on senior leadership teams outperform financial results of comparable companies with fewer women by an average factor of 30%. (Catalyst Report, 2004)

Dr. Perschel has written two reports based on her research about:

  • Women as Transformational Leaders
  • Women and Power

(The latter in collaboration with Jane Perdue, President of Braithwaite Innovation Group)

In relation to these topics Dr. Perschel offers

  • Keynote speeches
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Organization Assessments and Consultations, and
  • Leadership Coaching

Anne presents a compelling vision for how the leaders of tomorrow will succeed through the integration of both “feminine” and “masculine” traits. Listening to her speak provided substantial insight into my own leadership journey.

Pierrette Kelly
Former Vice President & General Manager

Dr. Perschel identifies a road-map, principles and structures for companies seeking to remove obstacles for women and create a competitive advantage by doing so.  Participants apply what they’ve learned by working on a case study in small groups.

Anne makes a compelling business case for the promotion of women into the highest levels of management, backed up by solid and current research. Organizations seeking greater performance that ignore this information do so at their own peril. The Rule of 3 provided additional perspective. Read more about the Rule of 3 here.

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