Finding Your Flow: Assessment & Individualized Coaching

Most professionals work well over 40 hours per week and many women also maintain the major share of responsibilities for managing home and family. Work life balance - dividing and creating time for everything - can be a myth that leaves you feeling badly when you can’t achieve it. Working in ways that replenish rather than drain your energy may be a better solution.

Looking for better work life balance?

Are you burnt out or on your way there?

Did you know it’s possible to work in ways that increase rather than deplete your energy?

It’s called flow.

What is flow?

When flow happens you are in a state of harmony. All the gears are engaged and synchronized. Work is effortless. A trial lawyer who loves to compete and win is in the flow when she prepares her case. Her heart pumps faster. Ideas just pop. After working 12 hours she has plenty of energy to care for her two young sons. A landscaper is in the flow when she presses the dirt firmly around the flowers and the scent of damp earth fills her nostrils. She goes home dirty but joyous and ready to engage with her family.  When an architect is in the flow the building seems to draw itself.

Flow increases your reserves. How? Picture yourself floating down a river on an inner tube. There is no resistance. You move effortlessly. While you float your system is replenishing its supply of energy.

Is Flow Assessment right for you?

The program is designed for people who

  • Are committed to their profession but want to work in ways that increase their energy rather than drain it
  • Have not yet identified the type of work, situations and activities that make them flow
  • Want to make changes in their professional life and need guidance

How will you benefit?

The flow assessment identifies –

  • Your natural talents
  • Your passion
  • The types of work that
    • fuel your passions
    • generate more energy

Individualized coaching then helps you –

  • Restructure your work to put you in the flow
  • Identify situations, roles, or careers that tap your passion and use your natural talents

Are you ready to find your flow?

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